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The Wildlife Rehab Community

June 2nd, 2010

Help Center for Rehabilitation of Oregon Wildlife Receive a $50,000 grant! @ 01:44 pm

The Center for Rehabilitation of Oregon Wildlife needs your help! We are in the running to receive a $50,000 grant from Pepsi! Please visit refresheverything.com/crow and click "vote for this idea" then register (once), then return and vote everyday, once a day! Thank you for your support! If we receive this grant we will be opening our center by this time next year in SE Portland. Please help us help Oregon Wildlife!

To rehabilitate injured, orphaned, and diseased wildlife.
To train others in rehabilitation skills
To educate the public on the importance of protecting wildlife
To promote conservation of all wildlife and wildlife habitat
To provide the public with environmentally friendly pest control

The "Center for Rehabilitation of Oregon Wildlife" or "CROW" project will be devoted to the conservation of Oregon's wildlife, and their habitats. The center will work closely with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, as well as other local and statewide organizations to meet our goals of rehabilitating wildlife and releasing them back into the wild. The center will provide environmentally friendly pest and animal control, while at the same time educating homeowners how to live harmoniously with wildlife in their neighborhoods.We will provide environmental education to the public including summer camps, center tours, and bird outings.


Environmental education for over 5,000 adults and children emphasizing respect for wildlife, their habitats, and one another.

Care for over 3,000 injured, ill, and orphaned wild animals

Emergency response for wildlife affected by oil spills and natural disasters in our region.
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The Wildlife Rehab Community