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The Wildlife Rehab Community

Wildlife Rehab Community
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A community for wildlife rehabilitators.
Whether you are a wildlife rehabilitator, a person who has found an orphaned animal, or simply someone who loves wildlife, we would love to hear from you in this community. If you have found an animal, please be certain it is orphaned before taking it in and then promptly contact your local wildlife rehabilitation group.

Finding a baby animal FAQ.
What to do if you find a baby squirrel.
What to do if you find a baby bird.
What to do if you find orphaned babies or injured adult wildlife.

**Please note that baby mammals that are still at nursing age need to be fed from small syringes so that they do not get too much food at once and have it go into their lungs. They should not drink from bowls of water and cannot be force fed. They need special diets, and improper food (such as cow dairy or junk food) can kill them. It is more important that you keep the baby warm until you can get it to a wildlife rehabilitator so that it can receive proper care. A soda bottle filled with warm water and stuffed in a sock is a good heating device, as is a heating pad on the "low" setting. Make sure the heating pad doesn't have an automatic cut off timer. Babies should be placed on cloth such as an old tshirt rather than directly on the heating source. Check to be sure they do not get too hot. See the Wildlife Rehabilitation Directory linked above or check your local phone book to find a rehabber near you.**

When posting large or multiple images, please use an lj-cut to protect people with slower computers.

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